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We are a group of LGBTQ people and supporters who are concerned about the future. Whether it be natural disaster, infrastructure failures, extreme social unrest, or some kind of armed conflict, we want to ensure our safety and that of our loved ones. Without adequate water, food, shelter, access to medical care and a way to communicate, caring for our families will be impossible. Just this month we've seen no FEMA action on the devastating tornadoes in the south, and the federal response to Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina was pitiful. It's clear that when disaster strikes, it's best to be prepared. Pink Preppers is a non-partisan, politically unaffiliated group of folks who are simply interested in being ready for almost anything. We'll meet periodically to discuss topics of interest like current risks and threats, how to identify your specific needs, where to obtain supplies and training, and ways to mutually support each other.

Pink Preppers is open to anyone who honors diversity and embraces our core value of inclusivity. You don't have to be lesbian, gay, trans, queer, bi or intersex to join us, just like you don't have to be a minority to support civil rights. All we ask is that you bring energy and a spirit of respectfulness for others.

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