What we're about

Hacking Heart is a group for CRAFTERS, TINKERERS, and THINKERS
to gather and share in a collaborative hands on community driven environment.

The Intersection between creativity and technology, a computer is as important as a pen and an exact-o knife. There is no better tool to use and there is no better way to use tools then collectively.

This is for people with skills in ;

Software development
Audio Production
Creative Writing

The goal is to bring together people who have different skills in specific areas of creativity and provide the opportunity to ;

Share what they are working on
Get outside perspective and insight into projects
Work collectively on problems a single kind of person would have difficulty with

Especially come if you have a classical art you would like to see combined and expanded by technology. Skilled programmers are always at hand to teach collaborate and explore different combinations.

Past events (3)

Meet to sketch and draft.

Barnes & Nobles

Continue to Work on Notebook Ideas

Needs a location

Share notebooks and ideas.

Barnes & Nobles

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