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Hello DMV Women!

Are you tired of simply existing and not living? Are you ready to live your best life?

The purpose of this group is to bring together amazing, fun, brilliant women from all walks of life who are inspired and motivated to live their best life.

The goal for this group is to learn new things, explore new places, taste new foods, and have inspirational, thought provoking conversations.

If you truly believe that life is a gift and you are ready to make 2018 and beyond all about living your best life, then let's take on this journey together!

Living Your Best Life Mission Statement

BELIEVE in yourself even if no one else will

LEAD your life by Example


CHOSE faith instead of fear

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R&B Yoga + Mimosas + Friendship by Working Yoga

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Time For Happy Hour!

Sea Pearl Restaurant & Lounge

Time For Happy Hour!

Sea Pearl Restaurant & Lounge

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