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Meetup new people/seekers of SriVidya Tradition & give them brief about the same
Learn about different people who have contributed to SriVidya and what have been done. Learn the basics of SriVidya and Foundation of the same. If more people are available we can do VanchaKalpaLata Ganapathi Aradhana to Start with as the cost involved would be more to conduct the homa. Perform Sri Chakra Archana. You can bring flowers, fruits, Verimilion etc., for the pooja and archana. We can also plan for the travel on Pournami and other special occasion to places like Tiruvannamalai for Giri Pradakshina or Nerur for Guru Darshana etc.,

Needs a location


What we're about

A Great Tradition of SriVidya is being followed by many spiritual seekers and very few Learned people / Gurus are there to help them, Always there are numerous question with the seekers of SriVidya Tradition and Do's and Dont's to be followed in their path, One can attain anything she / he wants through SriVidya if done & & Followed Properly without doubts in their mind. We are here to help those who are seeking guidance and make themselves great living beings who love one and all. This is the only ancient Tradition which has given Equal Rights and Responsibilities to Women and Men; infact many a times Women have done far exceedingly higher achievements them men, one small example is Sage Agastya Maharshi initially become the Guru of Sri LopaMudra Devi who is his wife and after severe Spiritual practice she discovered secrets which Sage Agastya did not knew and Sri Lopa Mudra Devi taught them to Agastya maharshi and she became his Guru. Such a wonderful concept and Tradition.

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