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Welcome to St Kilda 3182 Meetup Group, a group for people who want to take advantage of the fabulous lifestyle and range of activities on offer in St Kilda and surrounding suburbs.

Who can join?

The group is open to anybody you don’t have to live in the area. What's important is that all members are friendly, sociable and positive people who are inclusive and respectful of others.

Is this a singles group?

No! There are lots of single people in the group, however we do have people who have partners and partnered people are very welcome!

How old are the members?

We have members of all ages, but those who actually attend the events tend to be from their mid thirties up.

What can I expect?

Most of us are normal, everyday people who have decided we want to get out a bit more, meet new people and/or do new things. It’s a great way to meet some really fun and nice people. If you want to make some new friends don’t expect it to happen after one event. Come along regularly and you’ll make heaps of friends.

Note: It’s probably not a great group to join if you’re extremely shy or socially awkward. It isn’t the role of the event organiser/host to look after you or stick with you all night (we will be happy to introduce you to a few people though). You’re responsible for having a good time and that means putting some effort in to chat and get to know others.

What type of events do you have?

· Social nights at bars and pubs. These are the most popular and well attended.

· Movie nights. We go to the iconic Astor Theatre every few months and we’re also hoping to have more movies at other venues happening soon.

· Walks and, come the warmer weather, I’m planning some bike rides. We went kayaking once which was great fun too!

· Dinners and brunches. While we do plan these occasionally, it is often frustrating for the event organiser when people don’t show up. Especially embarrassing after organising with the restaurant etc. So, if you do RSVP for one, don’t stuff us around!!

· Other Stuff. Bands, theatre, festivals, art shows... whatever’s on in the area. We are really only limited by the number of people there is to plan events!

No regular donation, but might be one off $1 events occasionally.

We look forward to meeting you at an event soon.

Chris J, Organizer.

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