Past Meetup

Before Work Morning Walk & Talk + Optional Coffee


Meet at the Wright Street Light Rail Station. Intersection of Wright Street & Canterbury Road Albert Park. Just behind MSAC. Met on the Canterbury Road Side of the light rail Station

Free Parking on Canterbury Road Available. But Please check Street Signs.

Meet at 7.15am for 7.30am Sharp start.

Walk for Approx an hour

This walk will go ahead no matter what the weather is.

Also please note that with my walks I am not interested in getting huge attendance records these walks have purely been organized to help promote a healthy lifestyle. Help people & myself to get out and about.

We all walk at different speeds so do not feel intimidated if you are slow there will be others just like you. And also if you are a fast walker that is great too as other fast walkers participate aswell. The walk seems to break up into different speed groups but we all met up at the end.

All Terrain is a very easy walk, reasonably flat. Generally the group may split into various speeds but no one is ever left behind, and we all met up at the end.

Please Bring your own water bottle, umbrella, jacket, sunscreen, hat etc etc.

See you soon,


PS, thank you for being reliable with housekeeping and updating status to reflect attendance. For any last minute cancellations please call or Sms Michelle on[masked].

Disclaimer: The organizers of this group cannot accept any liability for any loss or accidents to participants on this activity. Participants should take care, wear suitable clothing and footwear, and act appropriately in their surroundings.