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September is our annual local 2600 PGP Key-Signing Party! Food, People, and Cryptography! What could be more fun?

If you already have a PGP key-pair, bring the fingerprint with you and some ID so everyone can verify and sign your public key. The more people you can get to sign your key, the more trustworthy it is! If you have an android device, you can make use of the app APG:

That's the easiest way we've found to manage your keys. There are some lesser iOS apps that will get the job done as well. And we'll have paper for those that want to keep it old school.

If you don't have a key, don't worry! We'll have a Raspberry Pi setup with a hardware random number generator to generate one for you. Then will get it posted to the Arch Reactor key-server, that's federated with other key servers on the internet. Then will save your private key to a thumb drive for you.

Now, if what I've been saying so far has been absolute gibberish to you, here is a short video explaining how public key encryption works:

Got it? Great! If you want to learn more about it, here is a good follow-up instructional on setting up PGP encryption for your email. If you are still confused, come to the party and try and learn it first hand.