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ATTENTION: None of the following has anything to do with any lovely, charming and wonderful, if not litigious, high end computer manufacturers.

Please sit down. We need to have a very serious discussion about the seed-bearing abominations out there. That's right, you are old enough to learn the truth about froot...freut?...phruit? oh, it's "fruit". (I dunno, that just doesn't look like it's spelled right to me.)

Despite what they are teaching you in that school, the truth is:

• Fruit unhealthy for you and your network, and it causes the cancers.

• They're all full of cyanide and people die every day from it.

• It's basically plant babies. Are you really going to eat plant babies just because your friends say it's cool?

• Fruit is made by godless plants doing unholy things out of wedlock.

• Fruit kills puppies.

• Fruit is just bad and evil, okay? And only undead monsters eat it! (That's true. Seriously, look it up. Frankenstein's monster was a fruitarian.)

• If it's not kept fresh, it turns bad quickly and corrupts your data!

Now for next Friday, at the STL2600 + DC314 meeting, we've arranged to have someone come in and explain to you the true dangers of fruit!

Our guest will be demonstrating how easily Low Hanging Fruit can spoil the virtue of your network. The mistakes made when trying to protect the sanctity of your systems. And how to mitigate these weaknesses and keep things from going pear-shaped (PUNS!).

(In English: This guy is going to come and demo his tool... er... A tool that automates the exploitation of "low hanging fruit" on your network.)