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As you probably already know, at the end of this month is everyone's favorite Gibsonesque hacker conference, DEFCON. And DEFCON being what it is, you can expect a diverse group of people in attendance with a very eclectic skill set. And by eclectic, I mean there are people there that would make Elliot Alderson wet his hoodie.

(Some scary mo-fo's right there)

The short of it is, while DEFCON provides for an essential exchange of information amongst the hacker community, it can definitely be considered a "hostile environment" for your digital devices.

Now some people might debate the severity of the risk towards your devices while at DEF CON. You'll hear things like "Oh, the secure network is fine", "Just keep the wifi on your phone off," or "I think that woman at the bar really likes me." But you won't get any of that here! We strive for a practical paranoid way of life. That means maintaining an internet connection, while at the same time feel reasonably certain that your mobile devices haven't lost their innocence.

So come to the next STL2600 + DC314 where we'll go through our recommendations regarding what hardware to bring to DEFCON, and how to properly configure it. We'll also throw in a few of our favorite best practices for while you are in Vegas.

And if you aren't planning on going to DEFCON this year, that doesn't mean this talk won't be of any use to you. These recommendations are useful for just about any situation where the security of your personal devices might be at risk.

This is absolutely not DEFCON: