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QEMU Virtual Machines: Taste just like the real thing!

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Apologies for the cancellation/rescheduling thing. Of course the STL2600 + DC314 meetup is still happening. It's just the first time I've actually had the chance to sit down and actually write the post for this months meetup. And if it's less than six days before, I can't "announce" the event. Which also just means I need to be better about scheduling these earlier, but that's not news to anyone. Is it?

Anyway, back to what's important: I'm thinking this month we should take a look at QEMU. Just feels like it's a pretty underrated virtual machine platform. It actually emulates a lot more CPU architectures than just your standard Intel chips. So it's really got me wondering what kind of archaic crazy software we can actually get running on this thing.

So that's the plan. I'm going to reach into the depths of the underworld and see what we can resurrect from the dead, and justify our necromancy by figuring out some practical reason as to why we can't leave this dead software in peace.

So yeah, regular time and place.