Location image of event venue



This is your chance to submit a banner shot that we can use on our group site. The banner must be a panorama shot containing at least two pictures and sized at 960x150. We will also insert St. Petersburg Photography Group somewhere on the photo. Your water mark or logo will remain on the photo giving you credit for the shot. The wording of St. Petersburg Photography Group may be a lot smaller than the above example depending on the photos submitted. Not all photos submitted will be chosen. The photo must be sharp and in focus and show up well, in other words not too dark.

We are hoping to be able to have all photos chosen on a slideshow that will rotate on the page. If we can’t do that, then we will change the banner on a weekly basis.

Submit as many photos as you like……. The winning shots will be displayed in a final album with all others being deleted.

Do Not… stretch a photo out to size and also make sure your horizons are straight. You may have the best photo of all time but if your horizon is not straight it won’t be used.

Sooooo……, start thinking of locations that would lend itself to a panorama shot and get out and start shooting!

Good Luck!

Frank and Ford