Past Meetup

Nature Walk at Anclote Gulf Park


Let's go on a nature walk to Anclote Gulf Park and photograph some wildlife

I visit this park on a regular basis since there's an active bald eagles nest right up the road so I see bald eagles fishing early in the mornings.

There's also a pair of Killdear nesting in the park. They have 3 eggs so hopefully they'll be hatching soon so we can get some shot of the chicks.

The address listed on the parks website 2305 Baillies Bluff Rd. Holiday Florida but your GPS might take you to the power plant. If you're heading NORTH on Baillies Bluff Rd, the park entrance is PAST the power plant on the left side of the road JUST before going around a sharp right turn in the road. Please do NOT confuse this park with Anclote River Park which is BEFORE the power plant. If you can't find it you can try to call me at 727-265-1028. I would look at the Google Map ahead of time and you'll be able to easily find it and know where you're going.

There's a $2 parking fee for Pasco County Parks. When you pull into the park entrance, there's a pay station on your left side (right next to the dog park area). This pass is good for all Pasco County Parks for the day so if we don't see a lot of wildlife we can go down the road and check out the other park.

Look for my bright blue Ford F-150 parked just past the pay station, it's pretty easy to spot.

It's about a 1/4 mile walk down the boardwalk (on the right side of the park) out to the beach. I suggest wearing closed toe shoes as we'll be walking on sand once we leave the boardwalk area. We'll see wading birds of all kinds, Pelicans and probably a few bald eagles catching breakfast for their chicks.

Bring a hat, something to drink and your camera gear. The longer the lens the better.

We can also visit the other county park right down the road for other wildlife shots if time allows.

This is a shot I took two weeks ago of one of the parent eagles fishing.


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