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WELCOME to the St. Vrain Chain Gang Cycling Club (SVCG) based in Longmont, Colorado. Our aim is to promote and encourage cycling through a friendly club experience, where camaraderie is developed through group riding.

Our rides generally cater to the Advanced Beginner and Intermediate Road Cyclist, who are looking to improve their skill level. In the spring-summer season (March through September) we offer 2 rides per week (Tuesday and Saturday). For the rest of the year we do a Saturday ride, weather permitting. Our riding groups usually split into 2 or 3 groups based on pace. Most our routes typically follow the quietest and most scenic routes in Boulder County and the surrounding areas.

Our goal for all rides is to keep the experience of group riding FUN and SAFE!. We are a recreational cycling club, NOT a race club; by joining our group you are expected to be part of the group, and not treat the rides as a race, or as a solo ride. Please take the time to read over our SVCG Group Riding Safety guide (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1be8xDVC3uh_X9livC34BMrCoXoAdr7oVZlzHfexYBis/edit?usp=sharing).

Before joining/signing up for an SVCG ride, be sure you can ride at the average pace we advertise for each group. If you do not meet this minimum fitness level, unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate you, as it is unfair to all other riders. (A Group Pace = 18+mph Avg, B Group Pace = 15 - 18mph Avg).

If you are a new member and intend to ride with SVCG, please sign our RIDE WAIVER (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1d9FCZ2cwyQ84x8Wktl7ILAzmAThhYdytX5mBv7tD6cQ/viewform?usp=send_form) as a way of acknowledging you have read our club rules,

We look forward to seeing you on one of our rides soon! ~Ride Safe and Often~

Nick, Peter & the SVCG Crew


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North Boulder and Chautauqua

300 Suns Brewing

This is a 45 mile ride through NW Boulder, stopping at Chautauqua Park, and continuing back to 300 Suns via Gunbarrel and Niwot

For the full route see:

WHO: This is a road bike ride for people who have experience riding on the road with traffic. Please only sign up if you are confident you can complete the above described ride/route (distance, pace, etc.).

WHAT: The Club rides are "NO DROP" (except for the A group), we will re-group at the top of hills, and at any turns where necessary

While the rides are social/group rides (not a race) it's important for everyone to know the route in case you get unhitched/separated. Have it on your bike computer, a paper copy or just memorize it.

If you are at the front of the group you become the group leader and it is your responsibility to initiate a regroup by stopping or significantly slowing. Riders that start with a group and are not able to keep up the pace should consider dropping back to the next slower group (which will come along in due time) so as to not impede the group you are with. This is why we have the slowest group start last.

This group will be at a faster pace (18+mph average).

This group will be at a medium/fast pace (17 to 18 mph average).

This group will be at a medium pace (15 to 17 mph average).

- Rides roll out no more than 5 minutes after advertised start time, please arrive early & be ready to roll on time.

- Come prepared for mechanical breakdowns (bring spare tube, patch kit, tire levers, multi-tool).

- Be sure to bring enough water for the length of the ride. As a general rule, one bottle of water is good for 1 hour of riding (8 oz per 20 mins of ride time).

RIDE DISCLAIMER: By participating in St. Vrain Chain Gang Cycling Club "SVCG" activities you ACKNOWLEDGE, AGREE and FULLY UNDERSTAND that (a) you are in good health, and proper physical condition to participate in Cycling Activities; (b) that the nature of Cycling Activities involves Risks and Dangers, and these may be caused by your own actions or the actions of others (fellow riders, other traffic, and road conditions); (c) "SVCG", ride leaders, volunteers, and Sponsors associated with the club, can not be held accountable for the negligence or actions/inactions of participants, and they are released from ALL LIABILITY.

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Switzerland Trail to Gold Hill from BCJC (Gravel) @ 9:30 am.

Boulder County Justice Center

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