Past Meetup

Grant's Trail Bike Ride (Novice, Intermediate or Experienced Riders)!!!

Grant's Trail Gazebo

Holmes and Melshire · Saint Louis, MO

How to find us

I will be at the gazebo. Ask for Stacy. I will be on my hybrid!!!

Location image of event venue


I don't care how fast you ride, I don't care how far you long as you ride.

This will be a flat trail ride. People will ride primarily road bikes and hybrids. Some will ride mountain bikes.

This is an out and back ride.

We'll break off into groups (slow, medium and fast) and bike to the South end of Grant's Trail, turn around, and head back to the North trail head. Slower riders will turn around at the old Trailnet building while faster riders can turn around at the South trail head and meet the others at the Trailnet building.

Link to Grant' Trail Info/Map

We will be following all trail rules and please be familiar with them and proper riding etiquette.

Time schedule:

Meet at the North trailhead by 2:00

Have your bike ready to roll at 2:15. This is a ride at your own pace...people tend to break off into groups.

We will meet at the Old Trailnet office at 3:15. If you are a slower rider you will WANT to stop at the old trailnet office.

Leave the old Trailnet office by 3:25.

Return to the North trailhead


From Grant's Trail North Trailhead- 16 miles


If it is raining at 1:00, this ride will be canceled.


WARM weather Clothing



Replacement tube for your tires and tools to change flat tires.

Snacks-We will be out for almost 2 hours. Your stomach may not be hungry, but your energy may drop on the last 5 miles. I generally eat a clif bar (or something similar) at the turn around point.

Water- at least one bottle. I carry two.

I think I have covered it all. Email me if you have any questions.

Optional-cycling gloves, sunglasses

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: My bike has been hanging in my garage for a while (over 3 years) you think this bike will be ok?

Answer: Please take your bike into the shop to make sure it is in good working condition prior to the ride. There is no sag support....and Stacy can hardly turn a wrench without breaking a fingernail.

Question: How long is the Grant's Trail?

Answer: 16 miles round trip.

Question: Will this event happen if it is raining.

Answer: If it is raining at 1:00, this ride will be canceled.

Question: If I have a flat tire, will someone have extra tubes and changing equipment?

Answer: No. Please make sure you are prepared for any type of mechanical issue.

Question: Are there bathrooms along the trail.

Answer: Yes. There is a porta potty at the North Trailhead parking lot. And at the old Old Trailnet office there are flushable toilets.

Question: Is there a place to fill up with water?

Answer: Yes. There is a water fountain at the North Trailhead and at the Old Trailnet office.