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Hello Foodies! Welcome to the group. I am excited to explore all of the amazing restaurants in and around the St Pete area. I already organize a successful Tampa Foodie Group https://www.meetup.com/Tampa-Foodies/. Feel free to join that group as well. It is very established and popular! However, I wanted to expand my foodie experience and include Saint Pete as well.
Meetup has been a great way to connect with some amazing people, and who doesn't like to eat!? This is not a dating group, just a co-ed group sharing dining experiences, making friends and having fun.
Some housekeeping matters are as follows:

  1. Meetup charges $200/year to run the Meetup page. I will be collecting $10/year (8.75 after the processing fee they take) to help offset that cost and to compensate me for my time and efforts. Trust me, I put a lot of work into this, as anyone that is a member of my Tampa group knows.
  2. I am strict if there is a pattern of last minute (same day) cancellations and no-shows. Two no-show is automatic removal. A pattern of last minute cancellations is at my discretion for removal. I usually send a message with a warning and if the behavior continues, you are removed. No refund of dues will be issued if you have attended an event. That is the policy for all members.
  3. No soliciting your business or other meetup groups to gain members. That will result in automatic removal.
  4. Your dues must be paid online, on the Meetup page from a desktop (not the app).
  5. This is a group for anyone in their 30s 40s and 50s.
    Check out the calendar of our upcoming events and let's dine together! I look forward to meeting you all.
  6. This meet up group is in no way associated with the St Petersburg Foodies Restaurant Reviews Facebook group, the St Petersburg Foodies Facebook page or the St Pete Foodies Instagram. We are a completely separate entity and are not in any way associated with Kevin Godbee and Lori Brown or the St. Petersburg Foodies brand.
    Cheers! \

Alena Anderson, Organizer

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MORE INFO TO COME... Dates are subject to change but only a little if they do. :) Please RSVP if you are interested and I will follow up with more info and schedule some meet/greet, trip discussion events.

Trip will include:
Cooking Class(s)
Food Tours
Some Meals
Wine Tastings
Transportation to/from airport
Flight from Tampa
Trip Insurance
Also, Optional tours at additional cost or downtime
And much more...

*Payment plan offered if needed

Please allow me to get solid info to share with the group. I have my friend (travel agent) working on the details.

RSVP if you are seriously interested. If this is successful, I will consider doing one large foodie trip per year. And maybe a few small ones. :)

  • If you have a guest that is interested in this trip, please have them join the group so everyone can see who they are traveling with, and they will get the necessary updates and trip info, etc. Thank you!
  1. I will not be your host/guide throughout this trip. The guides will be. I will be traveling in the group just like everyone else. :)
  2. Everyone will be selecting their own optional tours or what you would like to do on your downtime. We can decide as a group as well, but I am not the go-to decision maker. Let's all pitch in ideas, etc and make this a memorable trip. We can also break up into smaller groups on the off days. I need to relax on this trip! LOL
  3. I will be coordinating the event on here (Meetup) in order to share the info and guide you along to get it booked.
  • Rebecca Ovadia (on singles Travel Facebook group can take someone spot if there is a cancellation).


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