What we're about

This is a supportive group to explore metaphysical properties and psychic gifts. Each gathering is unique (see below for the 2019 proposed schedule) with a discussion topic or experiences. If time allows we will practice psych readings at the end of the night. It is a safe space to learn and develop these skills. We begin the night with a pot luck (you only need to bring something to contribute if you can - no pressure) and socializing.
This group is open to everyone. Join us when it feels right for you and skip the months that don’t. We look forward to meeting you.

Dec 2018 was Empaths - there is a blog at StacyCrep.com with some of the information we discussed. There is also a blog about spiritual connection, which I hope this group brings to people.

2019 Gathering Schedule

Jan 11 - Tarot: How the cards relate to our spiritual journey and our everyday life.

Feb 8 - EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Tapping; What is it and how can it help during difficult times?

March 8 - Creating a vision board or album; Bring your creativity and let’s work on them together.

April 12 - The Chakras; how they affect our everyday life and ways to repair imbalances.

May 10 - Affirmations; why we use them and how to write powerful ones to improve your life.

June 14 - Sound Healing; and other ways to raise your vibration. Let’s have an experience and experiment with some different types.

July 12 - Exploring intuition; sharing stories of times we listened and times we didn’t. (Includes a Guided Imagery session to better connect with intuition. )

Aug 9 - Drum Journey - A Shamanic Drum Journey experience.

Sept 13 - Body testing; What is it and how can we use it to make decisions and live our best life.

Oct 11 - Ghosts/Thinning of the veil - a seasonal sharing of ghost stories and pictures.

Nov 8 - Mantras: learn some power mantras to improve your life.

Dec 13 - Connecting with your self conscious : different techniques such as dream interpretation, Mandalas, and meditations.

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March Gathering - Elementals

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January Gathering - Lets talk about aliens

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