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I have set this group for anyone interested, practising or would like to contribute to all things mindful in a meetup in Stafford. I love meditating but I find it to be more effective in a group, I'm also keen to meet like minded people in my area. In my early-mid 30's I'd become aware and started to integrate mindfulness and dietary changes to enhance my well-being. I'd experienced amazing changes during this time; suffering from severe anxiety and depression for over 20 years and taking about 20 tablets a day; I felt reborn one day, I felt great, better than great and everyone around me could see it. No tablets and I was free of negative thoughts, the challenges of social anxiety and depression were none existent! This lasted months, unfortunately due to a challenging time I'd slipped, started having pizza, then it would be a pint, then 3 pints in the pub and smoking a lot more. It didn't take long for me to undo everything and finding myself toxic, tired and back to where I was with my low self esteem, depression and anxiety.

This demonstrated how amazing and healthier you can feel by adding steps incrementally to your life style and feel better than you have ever felt before.

If there is anyone in Stafford who would be interested in organising a meetup with me I'd love to hear from you to get involved in planning a meetup.

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