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Life is to lived, come with me on a journey of a life time.

Lets explore all that is to be found in life,

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In doing so, discover ways of setting yourself free from anxiety and depression.

Would you like to enjoy and love your life? Would you like to discover ways of setting yourself free from anxiety and depression? Learn how to: - Reduce stress and anxiety. Sleep better. Be happier and more content. Let go of negative thoughts. Live life in the present moment. Plus much, much more.

Upcoming events (5+)

Law of Attraction / The Secret Workshop

Duke of York

Have you ever wondered what the law of Attraction or the secret was ? or How can it benefit you ? Have you been practicing the Law of Attraction and getting no where? This may be just the answer... This workshop will explain what the law of attraction is, how it may help you achieve your desired goals and also help with problems you may be experiencing. Cost £10 Autumn[masked]

Developing Self Esteem and Personal Effectiveness. Walsall

Workshop includes …Understanding Yourself and Others • How our “self-talk” creates our self-image and influences our behaviour • How our habits and attitudes influence our behaviour Communicating Assertively • Using Assertive Communication in a variety of situations • Maximising our personal impact • Connecting with people and building rapport • Establishing our credibility in the eyes of others • Promoting and presenting ourselves effectively • Influencing other people’s perception of us • Maximising our personal power and influence • Making positive first impressions • Looking and sounding confident • Creating a sincere self-belief • Understanding the power of feedback • Understanding the power of our appearance Managing Your Stress • The causes and symptoms of stress • Approaches to managing our stressors Cost just £7 We meet in the function room Autumn[masked]

Emotional resilience workshop (the armour for life) Wolves

The Lych Gate Tavern

Resilience comes from the Latin resilio, which means to jump (or bounce) back. Resilience is the ability to withstand or recover from difficult situations. It includes our capacity to make the best of things, cope with stress and rise to the occasion. This workshop offers practical training in skills, strategies and insights that help our resilience grow. This workshop we will look at four key skills that raise our resilience: • visioning skills that strengthen our sense of purpose by helping us see, and then head for, the outcomes that attract us. • creative problem-solving skills that help us find a path through the obstacles in the way. • positive relationship skills that enhance our ability to find allies and draw in the support we need. • emotional intelligence skills that raise our capacity to work with our emotions, so that we can benefit from the guiding signals and energy they offer. The cost of the workshop is £10 (extended workshop ) We meet in the function room, if you have trouble finding us please call me on[masked]

The Power of Now Workshop. Lichfield

Duke of York

Learn how to: STOP losing your power to your stressful life situation START restoring your own vital life force from within. STOP procrastinating and waiting for life to happen START doing more of what you love. STOP getting caught in those external reactions and dramas START acting from your own essential energy and powerful presence. STOP struggling to get things done START letting life you desire happen naturally. Cost £10 Any problems finding us please phone me on[masked] .

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