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It Pays to Steal Stairhike to Dodger Stadium!

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REMINDER-A different starting location, than our other walks to dodger stadium.

We have done three stairhikes to dodger stadium and sadly the LA dodgers are 2-1!! Bring your vodoo dolls and anything else that will make the LA dodgers lose!!

P.S. I think almost everybody knows that while I do hate the LA dodgers, this is all in fun. If you take this personally, you must have thinner skin than me, and I thought that was impossible!

In 1962 Maury Wills stole 104 bases for the LA dodgers. The night of the walk is Maury Wills bobblehead night. How fitting a LA dodger set a modern day record for stolen bases the first year of Dodger Stadium, because the city of LA and the LA dodgers-who were STOLEN from their rightful home, Brooklyn, STOLE the land that became Dodger Stadium.

Chavez Ravine used to be a thriving Mexican-American neighborhood. Many Mexican-Americans lived there because they faced housing discrimination in other areas of LA. Then the city of LA bought the land under eminent domain laws, using the fairy tale that they were going to build public housing. Many residents had to be forcibly removed from their homes by the LAPD!!!

The 10-15 minutes of Fernando Nation talks about how the city of LA stole the land from the residents of Chavez Ravine!!

The first part of this Sports Illustrated story, ( tells about the Los Desterrados—the Uprooted, and how the city of LA and that bastard o'malley stole the land from the Los Desterrados! The rest of the story is about how a SF giants fan, who had criminal record for domestic abuse and had a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit, was beaten by two LA dodger fans, when the LA dodgers were owned by that bastard mccourt.

Instead of building public housing, the city sold their soul to give away Chavez Ravine so that bastard walter o'malley could build Dodger Stadium. The city gave away Chavez Ravine in exchange for a plot of land where Wrigley Field used to be, Avalon Blvd and 42nd St, now a city park.

We are starting at a different place and taking a slightly different route to get to Dodger Stadium than the other walks. We aren't going to the game and see a $200 million team lose, just doing the stairs outside Dodger Stadium that lead to the Top Deck and a great view of downtown LA.

Unlike other stadiums where people enter on the same level and take ramps and escalators to their levels, at Dodger Stadium their class system of entry means if you can only enter on the level of your ticket. For example, if you have a reserve level ticket, you can only enter on the reserve level. So, all the stairs are outside the stadium and do not require a ticket to access.

Wear the cap of your favorite baseball team, no Yankees, Cubs, Red Sox, LA Dodgers, or Giants caps allowed (just kidding) :) bring some sunflower seeds, peanuts, and Cracker Jacks and let's do a stairswalk to Dodger Stadium!

Route- About 5 miles.


We are walking through the Dodger Stadium parking lot. Please watch out for cars in the parking lot. While the plan is to arrive at Dodger Stadium after most of the notoriously late arriving LA Dodgers' fans have already arrived, there may still maybe a lot of cars driving in the parking lot.

Meeting Place:

Park's Finest BBQ

1267 W Temple St

Los Angeles, CA 90026 (

(213)[masked] (


Time: Please arrive at Park's Finest BBQ by 7pm. Walk will start promptly at 7:15pm. Walk should take about 2 hrs.

Parking: There is free street parking on Temple and on Belleuve-use Edgeware Rd from Temple.

Remember since there is a game at Dodger Stadium, there will be traffic on Sunset Blvd., Glendale Blvd and the 5 freeway.


Moderate pace.

If you aren't able to keep up with your group you are on your own to get back to the start!


No crashers- Please sign up for this event. Please do not just show up.

RSVP limits are set, because too many people creates a bottleneck on the stairs.

Please keep your RSVP updated and current. Repeated No Shows may lead to members being removed from the group.

If your plans have changed, please change your RSVP ASAP, so those on the waitlist can be given enough notice!

There usually are no restrooms along these walks. Restrooms are usually only available at the starting point of the walks.

Bring plenty of water and sunscreen.

Always wear running/tennis shoes. Open toed shoes are not a good idea for these stairs walks.

Any questions or concerns please email me, David