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Want to take your photos from the everyday, to something truly extraordinary? Want to learn fun photography techniques to make your images truly unique? Here are just some of the photo techniques we’ll be exploring.

Blurring clouds, water falls and beaches

Traffic trails

Star trails

Light painting

Motion blur

Lots more!

To begin with, we will explore how to take your take your camera off automatic mode and learn how to shoot in manual mode. All you need is a digital camera that has manual mode, a tripod, a $20 remote shutter release and possibly some inexpensive neutral density filters.

The first meetups will be in local parks with views of Long Island sound, waterfalls, or rivers. We will also be scheduling light painting events. We will provide a wide selection of light painting tools to create compelling images.

Upcoming events (1)

Ferry Point Park (WhiteStone Bridge) long exposure and light painting

Ferry Point Park in the Bronx offers astounding views of the Whitestone Bridge. Before sunset, we will take images of the bridge using long exposures to blur the clouds and water. Neutral density filters will be be available for loan. Please let me know your filter size before the event. The sunset sets at 7:43 PM that day, so, if the clouds cooperate, we should get some dramatic shots of the bridge. At about 8:15, it will be dark enough to begin light painting. I have a Magilight light painting stick and some other fun light painting equipment. Please bring a DSLR or mirrorless camera and be ready to use it in manual mode. A tripod is also required and a remote shutter release is recommended. Instruction will be provided during the meetup. Limit of 4 attendees. If 9:00 PM comes and we're still getting good images, then we may go longer.

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intro to long exposure photography

Cos Cob Park


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