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Welcome to our community of friendly people sharing knowledge, support and the latest discoveries in the art and science of holistic well-being! If you ever feel stressed and confused by the overwhelming amount of conflicting health information, advice and options, you are no longer alone! Stamford Holistic Living Meetup is the place to become empowered by the knowledge and support from the community of friends sharing your goals and aspirations.

Here is what you'll get out of this Meetup:

- Learn about self-empowerment, longevity, natural ways of healing and holistic approaches to long-term health.

- Find the right balance between the Western scientific approach and holistic ways of healing, reducing dependence on medications and successfully getting through the maze of health information out there.

- Make new friends helping each other on our path to living long and healthy lives,

Some of the topics we can discuss are:

• How making the right nutritional choices maintains optimal body weight and composition automatically

• How anti-aging happens from the inside out.

• How to keep your endocrine/hormonal system healthy

• How digestive health results in immune health,

• toxicity and detoxification, , stress management, creating a healthy home and work environment, and more.

• Members are welcome to suggest topics and give their own presentations.

About the organizer: M. Tess Abalos is a certified holistic health coach who has devoted her work to helping people attain and maintain health since 2003. She is committed to teaching her clients take ownership of their health and well-being naturally, through nutrition and by using products that are good for the body and our environment.

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