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I am a Stan Grof Certified Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator and I organize Stan Grof Holotropic Breathwork Workshops and seminars in the Los Angeles Area. Participants in prior Los Angeles area Holotropic Breathwork workshops have traveled from all over Southern California, Nevada and Arizona including San Diego, Orange County, Bakersfield, Palm Springs, the San Fernando Valley, Long Beach, Ventura, the San Bernardino and Riverside Inland Empire area and Las Vegas to attend. Holotropic Breathwork™ was created by Stanislav Grof, MD and is a powerful and transformational breathwork method of using non-ordinary states for self-exploration, personal transformation & healing. Participants report freeing themselves from the effects of trauma in their past, feeling more connected to nature and the planet, and more in touch with who they really are. In addition, Stan Grof comes to Los Angeles to personally lead a weekend Holotropic Breathwork workshop once every two years and I will keep you updated regarding the dates for this weekend as it gets closer.

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