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Holotropic Breathwork Workshop on November 17th in Topanga Canyon
"The therapeutic benefits of [Stanislav Grof’s] Holotropic Breathwork are remarkable. The healing of illness, anxiety, depression and conflict, the release and healing of trauma and abuse, the reintegration with family and community, the opening of compassion, forgiveness, courage and love, the reclaiming of purpose, the finding of our lost soul and the higher insights of spiritual understanding all come spontaneously from the unfolding of this powerful process." – Jack Kornfield, Author of A Path With Heart and 11 other books, Meditation Teacher, Founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center NOTE 1: PRE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR THIS EVENT. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND, YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER AND PAY TO HOLD YOUR SPOT. CLICK HERE ( TO REGISTER. NOTE 2: FREE WORKSHOP - For those of you who are interested in experiencing breathwork but do not want to wait until November, I am offering you a FREE 90 minute online breathwork workshop (not HB) this Sunday, Sept 2nd from 10:00am - 11:35am where you will get a chance to do the same deeper, faster breathing to the same style of music as we do in the all day HB in-person workshops and get a taste of a powerful expanded state of awareness experience. Over 100 people from all over the world have already registered for this event. To register for this free event, go to: and use coupon code GiftToMyself when you check out. Holotropic Breathwork™, is a transformational breathwork method that allows participants to access the innate healing power that is available in the deeper levels of their psyche to create a personalized healing experience for themselves. Just as your body will instinctually move to heal a cut, your psyche also will instinctually guide you towards healing, or growth – if you allow it to, and move beyond your thinking mind. Holotropic Breathing was created by Stanislav Grof, M.D., Ph.D. who has been observing and studying the healing potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness for over 50 years. Dr. Grof is also one of the co-founders of transpersonal psychology. Our next available one day Holotropic Breathwork Workshop will be on Saturday, November 17th from 9:00am - 9:30pm. It will be held in a beautiful natural setting in Topanga Canyon, about a 25 minute drive from Santa Monica. The day will include two breathwork sessions (one as a sitter and one as a breather), mandala drawing and a sharing circle and integration session in the evening. The early registration price which is available on or before this October 21st is $234. The price increases to $259 after that. Please note that in order to reserve your spot in the workshop, you must go to our website and then pay for the event either through Paypal or through sending us a check. To find out more about this event or to register, go to our website at: A discounted registration fee is available for a very limited number of participants in return for helping out with the event. Please e-mail me at: [masked] as soon as possible if you wish to participate in this work exchange program or if you have any questions regarding the workshop. Below are a couple of photos of the venue and its is a beautiful location, surrounded by nature where you really feel like you are away from the city. Blessings, Michael

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I am a Stan Grof Certified Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator and I organize Stan Grof Holotropic Breathwork Workshops and seminars in the Los Angeles Area. Participants in prior Los Angeles area Holotropic Breathwork workshops have traveled from all over Southern California, Nevada and Arizona including San Diego, Orange County, Bakersfield, Palm Springs, the San Fernando Valley, Long Beach, Ventura, the San Bernardino and Riverside Inland Empire area and Las Vegas to attend. Holotropic Breathwork™ was created by Stanislav Grof, MD and is a powerful and transformational breathwork method of using non-ordinary states for self-exploration, personal transformation & healing. Participants report freeing themselves from the effects of trauma in their past, feeling more connected to nature and the planet, and more in touch with who they really are. In addition, Stan Grof comes to Los Angeles to personally lead a weekend Holotropic Breathwork workshop once every two years and I will keep you updated regarding the dates for this weekend as it gets closer.

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