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Breathe With Participants From Around The World From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

To register for this free workshop, go to: and choose the workshop on Sun, February 10th.

Regular participants report:
-feeling more self-empowered as they start to get regular access to their own inner guidance,
-getting insight into their purpose in life
-feeling more passion and joy in their lives,
-feeling more energy as they go thru the day from releasing energetic blocks in their bodies and
-an improved feeling of health, well-being and vitality.

After facilitating in-person Holotropic Breathwork Events for over 3000 people in the last decade and seeing the amazing benefits that participants reported after their sessions, I decided to develop a new form of breathwork that can be done on a regular basis at minimal cost. Earlier this year, I launched Neurodynamic Breathwork Online, which is based on many of the same underlying principles as HB but restructured to work in an online setting. Now you can participate in breathwork workshops either in-person (HB) or online, depending on your schedule!!

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To register, go to: select the workshop on Sun Feb 10th, and follow the registration process.

π’πšπ¦π©π₯𝐞 π“πžπ¬π­π’π¦π¨π§π’πšπ₯:

"I’ve done the online breathwork about 6 times now and have really started to see a change in my daily life. I notice I have become more in tune with my emotions and really feel my emotions rather than dismissing and discounting them or letting them pass by. A new mental/emotional bridge has started to open up that not only allows for a clear insight to life, but also an improved way of discovering solutions to life’s problems, enhancing creativity and loving deeper. My life will never be the same” – Jonathan Toomey, Los Angeles