HPC-AI Summer Seminar Series - "The Future of Computing: Bits + Neurons + Qubits

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The Future of Computing: Bits + Neurons + Qubits
Jeffrey J. Welser, Vice President and Lab Director, IBM Research - Almaden

"The building block for all of our computers today, from our phones to the Cloud, is the digital bit, and while bits have proven exceedingly successful at driving high precision computation, there are emerging workloads and problems that require new approaches. In recent years, artificial intelligence systems, merging neuron-inspired biology with information, have achieved superhuman accuracy in a range of narrow classification tasks by learning from labelled data. Finally, the union of physics and information has led to the development of a quantum bit - the qubit - forming the basis of quantum computers. Although this technology is still in its early days, quantum computers offer the potential to solve problems which even the most powerful classical computers cannot. This combination of bits + neurons + qubits offers exciting new opportunities for the future of computing."

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