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Making new friends can be difficult. Whether you are new to the area or not, join us to meet other women looking to get out of the house, have fun, and form new friendships. Join us for coffee, movies, dining out, cooking, shopping, networking, brunch, ladies night out/in, and much more! If you are 40+ and want to meet some friendly and fun women to make new friendships and expand your social circle, THIS GROUP IS FOR YOU!

General Information

New Members: If you’re interested in our group, we invite you to our monthly Ladies Night or any venue that is at a public site as our guest. If you decide to join our group, annual membership is $10 per year. The membership fee covers the cost to use the Meetup website and the meat for our annual Co-ed BBQ potluck picnic. You must become a Member before you can partake in any Women's Club event hosted at a private home. We do not discriminate against anyone on the basis of creed, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.

Dues Payment: Membership dues is payable annually March 1st. Before then, a notice will be sent to all members with instructions how to submit payment. A reminder will be sent to any members that have not paid their dues by April 1st. Members that have not paid their dues by May 1st will have their membership cancelled.

Calendar: Reviewing upcoming and past events on our Meetup calendar is a great way to get an idea of our activities. There are also some photos posted on the site that capture the fun of several past events. Organizers write up all the details about the activity on the calendar page for member reference. If you have more questions, post a comment or send an email to event host.

Message Board: Feel free to use the message board, the idea function, or polls to invite people to join you on an activity. To post events on the Calendar, your profile must be upgraded to an Assistant Organizer. Contact a Club organizer if you want to change your profile so you can post on the Calendar. Be sure to choose "e-mail to members" to get the word out on any events you plan.

RSVP: You can RSVP to calendar events well in advance. The deadline to RSVP is usually at least 24 hours before the activity. You may update or change your RSVP up until that time. As a courtesy to the host, the sooner you respond the better. Please do not RSVP YES unless you can commit to attending. Everyone has emergencies, but canceling at the last minute because something better came up or not paying your share for a reservation creates an inconvenience to other members attending. Signing up for an event implies your commitment to pay your share, even if you ultimately don’t attend. Alternatively, you can find a replacement to pay your share, bring your food contribution, find another driver, etc.

Email: Please respond promptly to e-mail messages relating to event planning details. If you have not responded by one week before the event your RSVP will be changed to NO, (sooner if the activity is one that requires an advance deposit.) It is your responsibility to be sure your e-mail account is a functioning or to check the Meetup website for updates on the event.

Guests: Unless otherwise stated, Ladies Club activities are for members only. It will be stated in the event description when others are welcome (men, children, pets, etc.)

Event Locations: Locations are posted in the calendar event. To protect member privacy, some events hosted in private homes will not list the address on the website. Instead, the address will be emailed to Club members that have RSVP’d YES to attend the event.

Costs: Most events are “No Host”, i.e., Members pay for their own expenses (food/drink, transportation, tickets, etc.) When applicable, estimated activity costs will be included in the event description. In other cases, the description will state if the event is a potluck or partly funded by the Club.

Carpooling: For some events, the host may coordinate carpooling or other transportation for the attendees. When carpooling, be prepared with extra money for gas sharing and for any optional impromptu activities along the way.

Membership Cancellation: Our group believes that all members should treat each other respectfully. These guidelines are based on that principle. Accordingly, the following are potential reasons for membership cancellation:

· If you RSVP YES but don’t attend the actual event, the host may update your status for that event to No Show. If you are a frequent No Show or if you often drop out of events at the last minute, we reserve the right to cancel your membership.

· Two or more incidents when a member fails to follow these guidelines also is a basis for membership cancellation. Club leadership will send a message with a reminder about the issue the first and second time. If the issue continues you will be removed from the group and may not be allowed to rejoin.

· If you haven't visited the Meetup site for six months or more, we reserve the right to remove you from the Stanwood/Camano Ladies group. We can only assume it wasn't what you wanted.

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