What we're about

Love Star Trek? Dream of going into Outer Space? Enjoy reading about cutting edge science and Technology? Enjoy Sci-Fi? This is YOUR group. We are an enthusiastic group of all ages and types. We get together once a week -sometimes to watch a favorite episode from a ST series (on a projector size image), or laugh and watch the Big Bang Theory, talk, eat, shmooze, share a great science discovery. This is about people who share a vision for the best future of humanity, where people of all backgrounds cooperate and respect each other.

Welcome to the USS ASTRAEUS, a chapter of STAR TREK -- THE FLEET

We are a group of STAR TREK FANS focused on Fandom, Costuming and Charity

Our Costume Era of Focus is STAR TREK DISCOVER (the constitution uniforms)

Upcoming events (5)

War Game Simulations

Online event

We will be doing war game simulations in preperation for our upcoming battle with the Artesia.

Time Travel to Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory

We will explore the locations on which they filmed Voyager episodes. We will also visit the observatory. This is a non uniformed event. But, it would be really cool to take pictures where voyager was filmed in ship uniforms.

Star Trek WoK, SfS, and Voyage Home Watch Party

Online event

We will watching Star Trek Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock, and the Voyage Home together and then chatting/hanging out.

Ready Room meeting at SHARKY'S Studio City

Sharky's Woodfired Mexican Grill

We have our next meeting set for SHARKY'S in Studio City. I'm calling our meeting, "Ready Room". It will be held on the 3rd Sunday of every other month. We can get together to socialize and discuss ship business, etc. The goal of the meetings is to catch up on previous activities and discus future events. Also we are going to have a chance to discuss STAR TREK episodes and current events. This is a non-uniformed event.

Past events (57)

Star Trek Discussion: Sentience

Online event

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