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After a lot of talk at the recent meetup, it has been confirmed this meetup will be a TNG Movie Marathon, and we will squeeze a showing of Forbidden Planet in as well. I will attempt to follow a schedule so that people may plan their day according to their desires to see what films they choose. I expect that in between shows we will socialize and perhaps watch some bonus features and such. Feel free to stay the whole day or fit whatever works best for you, come late, leave early, whatever best fits your day. If you can a $5 donation will be appreciated to offset costs of renting the facility, but do NOT let that keep you from coming if this is a hardship.

11:00a - Meetup Starts, social time.

11:30p - Star Trek: First Contact(1996)- one of my personal favorites, The crew of the Enterprise-E pursues the Borg back in time as they threaten to prevent first contact between Humans and Vulcans, thus destroying the Federation before its founding.

2 :00p- Star Trek: Insurrection(1998)- The crew of the Enterprise aids a rebellion on the Baku homeworld against Picard’s superior officer, Admiral Dougherty, who wants to relocate the Baku to gain possession of the medicinal cosmic radiation that floods their planet.

5:30- Forbidden Planet (1956) -A starship crew goes to investigate the silence of a planet's colony only to find two survivors and a deadly secret that one of them has. This classic film was a strong inspiration leading to Roddenberry's creation of Star Trek.

7:30 Star Trek: Nemesis(2002)- Captain Picard confronts the villainous new Reman leader Shinzon, a younger genetic clone of himself who kidnaps Picard to replenish his own DNA and uses an earlier prototype of Data to spy on the Enterprise while plotting to destroy Earth.

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