Canceled Meetup

Meet, Greet and Play Games


Reservations for MAY have been made!

Guardian Games is a great place to Meetup and play games. There is parking out front. There is beer, wine, soda, and snacks. We can bring in our own food, which several people did.

There are games to play from their library.

I have reserved a big table for us in the general area where you don't have to be +21 to play.

Please comment with the games you are most interested in playing.

Here is a list of my games:

Star Trek Expeditions [4-6 players]
Star Trek Attack Wing [4 players]
Star Trek Scene It! (needs a DVD player)
All About Trivia: Star Trek
Star Trek: The Next Generation: A game of trivia, expedition, and discovery.
Star Trek: The Next Generation Inactive Board Game. (needs video player) [best with 4 players]

Games with Star Trek themes, no knowledge about the show required:

Star Trek Uno
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Game of the Galaxies
Tribbles: Customizable Card Game

Non Star Trek:

Cards Against Humanity (Always a good laugh)

I am willing to branch out to other board games if anyone wants to bring a favorite.