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SEPT. 7 is The 2nd Annual Star Trek Fans of the NorthWest PICNIC! BEAM ON OVER!!

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Let's party and picnic like it's 2314, Star Trek style! This will mark our Second STFNW Annual Picnic, so let's keep the tradition going Trekkies! Potluck, great food, a Raffle for one of Chris's magnificent Enterprise models, and Board Games - Bring your favorite Trek games or, heck, even a deck of cards. In Washougal, WA, "Capt. William Clark State Park", a few feet away from great wading or swimming in the Columbia.

DATE: SET! - Sunday, Sept. 7th, 12 noon - 4. Our Picnic Shelter site is called "CLARK". Please read one of my "UPDATE"s & Posts below for detailed information regarding best and closest parking areas.

FACILITIES: Covered, shaded picnic area with several concrete top picnic benches, 4 large tables. A charcoal grill, and electricity for perhaps music available so bring on the meat and the music! Sorry, but as your Event Organizer & Host, this will be a Rap-Free zone. :-p

FOOD: Potluck baby so we need the following: Main Course type food (meat, veggie casseroles, etc.), Side Dishes, Desserts (ice cream anyone?) Soft Drinks (No alcohol, sorry, Park Rule ) AND plain 'ol MUNCHIES, like Joey's famous hummus. We'll also need picnic plates, forks, cups.
PARKING: A little awkward. It's very easy to find this place and parking is easy and obvious - 3 parking lots on your right side of Index Road. The third and last parking area, just past a cream color house, is the closest parking lot to the Clark Picnic Shelter. However, remember that this is a Sunday and the parking lots fill up quickly. If you cannot park in the third parking lot itself, your best bet is to leave your picnic stuff, if it's heavy, right at the trail entrance at parking lot 3, park elsewhere and return to pick up your stuff for the short walk to "CLARK".

SWIMMING/WADING: YES! it's a very short walk to a beach and a beautiful calm, frightening-current-FREE swimming area. Clear, calm Columbia River waters. I waded in last year and it was just heavenly. So bring your towels in your swimsuits if you wish! ONE GIANT DISCLAIMER: William Clark State Park and I are not responsible for anyone who chooses to go swimming. You swim at your own risk. Sorry about the unfriendly language, but that's life in the 21st century.

COST: The fee for using the picnic shelter for the day is $50. I'm going to pay it upfront. Then, depending on how many people come, I'm asking everybody to chip in a few bucks to cover the cost. For example, 20 people attending so far, that's $2.50 per person - not bad at all.

RSVP: When you RSVP "Yes", including the number of people coming with you, *please post* what food you will bring. Folks, you don't need to get fancy and expensive. I'm sure Bill and I will be bringing lots of Brats with buns and condiment, ice & salads

KIDS??: Although this group's Events have tended to be comprised of mostly grownups, certainly some folks' kids have attended Events from time to time. Certainly there were plenty of kids at last year's picnic. So, use your best judgment, especially about very young children, as I'm sure everyone will do, and it'll all turn out great!

THANKS EVERYONE!! Questions welcome!