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Alabama Hills and Fabulous Night Skies

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Catch the Milky Way and midnight moonrise.

Minimum Attendance: 3 participants (1 instructor) - met.
Maximum Attendance: 7 participants

Imagine photographing the night skies against the background of Mt. Whitney and the High Sierra! Under the auspices of Star Circle Academy (, the Alabama Hills Workshop will be a chance to hone your night photography skills, learn new skills both behind the camera and in the digital darkroom, and come home with spectacular, unique images based upon the stunning clarity and unusual topography of California’s Eastern Sierra and the dark night skies.

Famous formation plus the Milky Way

The Alabama Hills Workshop by StarCircleAcademy is for anyone who wants to learn more about the exciting world of digital night photography, or who wants to take their night photography to the next level. We have extensively scouted the location and will take you to fantastic locations that will inspire you.

The workshop covers the following topics in the field among fascinating geological formations:

• Night exposures basics - and beyond.

• Tips for getting the composition just right: including sneaky ways to insure your framing and focusing are just as you expect.

• Getting a compelling foreground using light painting, natural light, and photo processing skills.

• How to navigate the night sky – find your way around the sky, and learn some key constellations of note for photography.

• How to capture starry landscapes, and the Milky Way ( without getting streaks or trails.

• PLUS we will have astrophotography equipment which we will show you how to use. This equipment is particularly helpful if you do not have a “high performing” camera but wish to capture detailed images of the Milky Way.

In the Classroom you will learn

How to use Photoshop CS2 through CC and/or Lightroom to bring out the zing in your shots. Special processing techniques and tools to create star trails and timelapse animation. Masterful tips on planning for and then finalizing that fantastic image. Hands on help with your photo processing. Plus much more if time and interest permits.

Star Trails and light painted rocks