Catch the ECLIPSED Moon over a Washington, DC Landmark

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Cost $90

DATE: December 10, 2011
Time: 5:30 AM ET until about 7:30 AM
OPTIONAL: 2:30 PM to 6:00 PM the same evening (different location).

Attendance is limited to 9 people.

THIS EVENT is in WASHINGTON, DC and is easily accessible from a Metro station.

A rare opportunity exists to photograph as the moon sets partially eclipsed over a Washington DC landmark. Rare enough that I'm flying to DC to catch it!

I was born in Washington, District of Columbia and the place is rich with monuments and landmarks. One problem however is that the city is relatively flat and there are many trees and buildings - so finding an advantageous sightline and a suitable foreground is difficult. To do so AND have an eclipsed moon - is many many times more difficult, so when I found an arrangement that will work very well I booked flights!

I've been teaching moon hunting skills in my webinar "Night Photography 111: Catching the Moon (".

This opportunity, like all others is subject to the vagaries of weather. It could be bitterly cold, snowing, windy, overcast or crystal clear. I can't control that part, of course and for that reason no refund is offered except should I cancel... but that's not gonna happen because I've already booked my tickets!

Signing up for this event also gets you a free Catching the Moon Webinar ( attendance - I want you to be well prepared for the occasion.

By the way: We will not be catching the moon at totality (completely eclipsed) for this event - the moon will be in the earth's Penumbra and just starting to be in totality as it sets. If you want to catch the totally eclipsed moon near the western horizon, you'd have to be somewhere west of the west coast (i.e. in the Pacific Ocean). To catch the eclipsed moon rising in the east, you'd want to be in Saudi Arabia.

What are you getting by signing up for this event?

A free webinar on how to figure it all out for yourself for any future events. (If you can't attend Wed, December 1st (, then I'll put you in a later session). Exact details and location for where to be at what time in Washington, DC to get the moon over a landmark. My personal attention and coaching on how to compose and expose the shot. (Optional) Grab coffee / breakfast at a nearby Starbucks or similar location and talk about what we just did. What is not included are:

Travel Meals Lodging Tolls/fees/parking Please note that the shooting location is not far from a DC Metro (underground) station HOWEVER the Metro does not begin running early enough to get to the location at the proper time - you will need cab, bus, or personal transportation.

WHERE is the Shooting Location?

If I wrote it here in plain text then thousands of people might show up. All "Yes" RSVP participants will be sent complete details at least 5 days in advance.

What if the Weather is Awful

I'm going to be there rain or shine, wind or snow. Only a total blizzard will prevent me - and even then I might break out the sled dog team

But the Moon Won't Be Totally Eclipsed, Will It?

No. It will be in the earth's penumbra with contact with the dark part of the earth's shadow. People on the West Coast (where I'm leaving FROM) will be able to catch a bit of totality, but the rising sun may wash out the moon detail. The ideal place to be is about one timezone WEST of Pacific Time.

Why Have you Restricted the Attendance to so few?

I want to be sure you have my attention and get the instruction and the shot you expect! And by keeping the number small, we all will have a good vantage point.

Can I Bring A (Non-photographer) Friend / Partner

Yes. If they promise to stay out of the way. If they are bringing a camera, they must be included either separately or as a guest.

Can I Bring my Pet / Child / Elephant?

Definitely NO to the elephant, and please no pets or children either. Expensive equipment, and earnest photographers don't work well with distractions.

Where Will I Park? How Do I Get There?

Wait for the details to get those answers.