Do It Yourself Moon Catch

Hosted by Star Circle Academy

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Cost: Free.
Parking: Free (for the San Francisco Event we have in mind)
Originator: Confirmed Moonatic, Phil McGrew ( (thanks, Phil)

HOST: Despite what meetup says, this is a SELF GUIDED event and we might split it into multiple events depending on the suggestions made.

When to Be There

We recommend arriving early so you have plenty of time to find a place to park and get set up. 6:30 PM would be about right.

What to Bring

Camera + batteries, memory cards / film Sturdy tripod Telephoto lens (the longest you have is good) - 200 mm or better recommended. Layered clothing. This is San Francisco people, could be frigid cold and damp or marvelous. Or both.

Where to Go

We'll let you twist in the wind on this one for a while. Why? Because I'd like those who are sufficiently motivated - especially those who are graduates of the Moon Chasing webinar ( to do some number crunching to come up with one (or more) locations. Indeed, more than one location is possible. But I've already given ya'll a headstart by providing the date and time.

Feel free to post your proposed target GPS location in the comments below, or in the Discussion FORUM ( set up for this purpose.

Settings to Use

Will depend on conditions, but f/5.6, ISO 200, 1/300 of a second should be about right. Bracket around this to be sure to get it all right and be sure to expose at least one shot (preferably more) with the foreground properly exposed. How visible the moon will be will depend a lot on conditions, too.

More Details / Questions

To Be Provided. See the Discussion Forum (

If you're looking for a more exclusive, fully guided event, see Huge Moon Effect + Popular San Francisco Landmark (Weekday Morning) that occurs on Friday, April 6th, AM.