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(FULL) Milky Way in Nirvana - Saturday

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This one day, one night field event starts Saturday, August 11, 2012 at 5 PM and ends Sunday, August 12th at 1:00 AM. A similar event will be held the following day as well. We will meet in the Lobby of the Dow Villa at 5 PM sharp.

After meeting to discuss our photography plans and locations, you will be guided to capturing the Milky Way and star trails over various fantastic structures in and around Alabama Hills.

In addition to spectacular, on location photography, I'll provide you with and teach you how to use a Planisphere. It's a simple tool

In the summer Lone Pine can get hot. But the nights are often t-shirt comfortable. And during the summer the Milky Way is most prominent. During the early evening we'll talk about our shooting plans, discuss some processing techniques and grab a dinner before heading out to our shooting location(s).

Even more fun: The Perseid Meteor shower ( peaks on August 12th and there are usually plenty of extra falling stars for several days before and after the peak.

And finally, the half full moon rises in the wee hours to illuminate the foreground (in the photograph above and as shown in this timelapse (

The field seminar does not include lodging, travel costs or meals. I highly recommend getting a room at the Dow Villa Motel/hotel which will be our home base. The Dow Villa Hotel is right in the middle of Lone Pine and an easy walk to every restaurant in town.

A list of suggested materials to bring will be provided along with further instructions.

REFUND / Cancellation Policy

There are no refunds for this event unless we cancel or reschedule. Bad weather may not create the night sky we want, but a lightning storm or rain could create opportunities for great photos, too.

What To Bring

Layered Clothing Extra memory cards and batteries. Intervalometer or at minimum a locking remote shutter release. Wide Angle Lens / Ultra Wide Angle Lens / Fisheye - f/2.8 or better (f/4 ok). Camera body that can handle ISO 1200 well. Sturdy Tripod. Optional - additional camera body, lens, tripod, release.

Additional Costs

You are responsible for securing travel, lodging and all meals.


Sign up for this event and you'll get unlimited access to all of my Webinars for the next YEAR for $0.01 each! That includes the coming "Down with the Noise (" webinar as well as the Chasing the Moon (and Sun (, the Astrophotography ( Series, and more.

Here is one possible shooting location: