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(Interest List) Webinar AP120 - Catch the Space Station crossing the sun or moon


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Have you wanted to capture photos of the sun? What about photos of the sun or moon with the International Space Station ( streaking across the face? As you might guess, there are quite a few things to get right to pull it off. But boy is it fantastic when you do.

To capture a photo of a spacecraft against the face of the sun you have to be able to use and understand various programs, all freely available and you have to be able to time your shot to within FRACTIONAL seconds.

This is a Webinar so you can conveniently attend from your computer at work or home anywhere in the world.

In this 90 minute Webinar, you will be introduced to many free tools that you can use to plan your shot - including a special "behind the scenes website" with details to make your efforts almost a guaranteed success.

Steven will show how to plan and execute lunar or solar images with or without the International Space Station and what details make the shots work. Everything from the most accurate weather predictions to determining exactly where to stand.

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