What we're about

This Meetup Group is for people who are having an awakening experience. We will be discussing things you can do to further yourself on your spiritual journey, why you are experiencing awakening symptoms, and questions you may have regarding where you are on your journey and where to go from "here" where ever "here" is.

This Meetup group will include a variety of experience levels such as beginners in Metaphysics, intermediates, and experts who have an abundance of stories and experiences in this lifetime.

I will start this Meetup group with a discussion on how the members are feeling regarding their awakening and will hopefully evolve it into having numerous Metaphysical events that are fun and will apply to our daily lives.

I am starting this to alleviate the confusion that I had and many people in the community has had during their awakening and hope to connect mentors that can positively affect students' lives during this awakening process that the whole planet is going through. Everything is connected, and whoever you are I hope this group can make a positive impact on your life and well-being!

I am Maria, and I have a calling to serve my brothers and sisters on this planet who are experiencing a lot of pain, confusion, and suffering. I am looking to alleviate some of that to hopefully provide guidance through intuition. Some of my energetic modalities include: Reiki, Intuitive Readings, Shamanic Healing (all done by intuition and my connection to past lives), Sound Healing through tuning forks (for now), tarot card readings, and energetic clearings, and channeled messages from higher dimensions.

I have never felt like I belonged anywhere. With this group, I hope to help people find their direction in the metaphysical community and I hope to connect everyone with life long mentors and friends to go through this journey with.

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