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Who wants to make a Netflix Movie?

I’m starting a group to write and produce a film and sell to Netflix. We are looking for creative writers, storyboard artist, sci-fi and anime fans, as the idea is influenced by Sci-fi and anime. Did I mention that it’s a Cannabis film?

The end game of this group is to create a short teaser to the film and premier the teaser at SPLIFF (https://splifffilmfest.com/), this year on 4,20.

Working title
StarBud: The Battle for Zion

“A Gateway to another Galaxy”

Stoner Sci-fi Action-Adventure Comedy.

A causal stoner and his pot dealer friend are beamed up right in the middle of a galactic conspiracy, around the cannabis plants’ extra-terrestrial origins- where they find themselves fighting the tyranny of Big Pharma to save the world.

The Basic Story
Two orphans grow up to be best friends. They are completely different in every aspect, except they both love to smoke weed. One is spacey and creative like a sativa. The other is grounded and relaxed like an indicia. On their joint birthday, they celebrate by smoking a mystical hybrid strain called “StarBud”. After smoking, they are pulled up onto a spaceship and introduced to a galactic conspiracy around the extra-terrestrial origins of the cannabis planet. They are told that they are, in fact, “The Seeds of Eve”; the prophesied warriors meant to save all life in the universe. Are they just tripping on some really good weed or could they be something more to the cannabis plant?

More than just a stoner film:
The main goal is to make a thought-provoking stoner comedy that emotionally resonates with the audience, with charters and a story that has depth and meaning underneath a cascade of stoner and sci-fi troupes. We want our audience to feel as if this film was made for them. We will be mixing reality into this piece of fiction. We will weave into the core of this story Cannabis Sciences, Cannabis History, Cannabis Mythos, Pop culture and, most importantly, Cannabis Conspiracy (http://godsofsirius.blogspot.com/2012/10/sirius-is-brightest-star-in-night-sky.html (http://godsofsirius.blogspot.com/2012/10/sirius-is-brightest-star-in-night-sky.html#comment-form)). Our main audience consists of stoners, so we are going to attach they paranoia. We have “The man is coming to get me”, “The aliens built the pyramids”, and “They don't want you to do drugs because it will expand your mind”. In this film, all the major conspiracies are true! All the conspiracy theories tie back to the grand conspiracy of them all: “You are in a world controlled by evil forces that want you to stay asleep so that they can enact their sinister plot that will destroy all that you hold dear”. We want to scare our audience, be in their heads messing with them, and send them on a trip; a journey that, in the end, makes them reflex on their life and the actions they have chosen and will choose to make in their lifetime. We also want to open their eyes to the fact that through finding balance within themselves, they can find an untapped power that has always been there. Peace, love, and harmony are not just words; they are a secret formula for evolution into your greatest self—the hero that saves the world. All of that will be hidden behind the surface of this.

The Character Arches
As our two helpless stoners transverse the journey, they are consistently faced with the questions of whether or not any of this is real. Are they just really high and hallucinating this shit? As the two heroes face the same thematic conflict, they face it from completely different angles. One, “the Sativa,” is completely enthralled with the concept of finally being in a world that makes sense to him. The crazy, out there experiences meld well with his knowledge and unorthodox thinking. However, he struggles to stay grounded and this became a detriment to him. The other hero, “The Indica”, has always been grounded, a little too grounded, to his job, and the normal world. Now that he has been thrown into this world of chaos, he is unable to let go and open up to more than what he already knows. His solid form of thinking becomes a problem and put him and the mission in danger. Both characters must learn to balance themselves and become centered in their thoughts and eventually evolve into the destiny warriors they were born to be.

The thematic themes of the story
1. Legalize weed already; the shit is magic. Seriously, we can make houses, paper, clothing, gasoline, food, and spaceships out of it. So why is it illegal?
2. We most all find balance within ourselves, planet, and within the universe.
3. The reality you chose is your reality. Now live your reality.
4. We must all understand the power that already exists within and learns to unlock it
5. On a completely scientific level, we are all one, connected through universal formulas and elements. Whether on the Macro (universal) or Micro (subatomic) level, we are made of those same elements. There is an energy that resides in all the elements of all living things. That live energy is the foundation of what we call life.

The Workflow
I am getting a group together to develop this film. We will be using a development process to build out this film. I have developed this workflow to help anyone anywhere tell their story fast and with quality. I tested this idea out within the libraries, schools, and startups. Now I am seeking to use it to build out your idea. This workflow was developed with Lean and Agile business methodology as its foundation. It uses popular story development workflows such as Blake Snyder's Beat Sheet, Pixar's 22 rules, and Dan Harmon’s circle. Taking techniques from software developers and gaming companies, this process uses the concept of gamification to guide users through the development stages relatively effortless. Finally, it focuses on “Yes, and” methodology popularized by improvisational experts to help develop your idea in a fun, free-flowing method.

We will be using the rapid prototyping process to iterate through the idea and story as fast as possible. Most times, scripts take a long time to produce. We are going to use the formula to move through the development process quickly. I call it the Ground Hogs day effect, playing through the story from the beginning to the end over and over again, each time making small incremental changes until you have a masterpiece.

This isn't just a film; we are building a product that we plan to sell. So this is a product, and we have a business attack plan as well.

The Film Goal:

To write a film which would be the staple of the Cannabis Legalization movement. We will be seeking to create a culture-bearing film, meaning as the paradigm changes and cannabis becomes more and more excepted throughout the world (South Korea is implementing medical (https://www.usnews.com/news/best-countries/articles/2018-12-12/south-korea-is-the-first-east-asian-country-to-legalize-medical-cannabis)), this film will be capturing this moment. This film seeks to be the future reference point for this shift in our world. In the future is see this becoming the 1st cannabis Holiday film. The film everyone watches on April 20th, similarly to Groundhogs day, Independence day, Friday the 13th.

Business outline

Business Goal:
Build it so that it can be sold to Netflix. Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Youtube are all buying content for streaming platforms. This demand for content will only last for about a 5 years window.

Netflix’s want:
Good stories with a built-in audience.

The Pitch:
This will be a funny but deep stoner sci-fi action adventure comedy that has a built-in audience and an avenue for generating funding through crowdfunding. Think Galaxy Quest Meets Jay and Silent Bob Mashed with Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Market:
With the rise in legalization, we have a growing audience toward stoner media. We see many more shows like Disjointed that portray cannabis in a good light. However, shows like Disjointed miss the mark by not taking themselves very seriously. We have a marketplace that wants to see an artwork they can be proud of. They want an impact from the purchase; no longer is it an option of just a feel-good piece. We want something that matter. For example, Pixar makes kids films that have more substance, adult themes, and depth than most Hollywood films.

Business angle:
Product placement for Cannabis business. Those businesses would have an avenue to market their brand to a national/worldwide audience.

We will get into more of the attack plan during our 1st meeting.

Project Plan:
This will be a fun group, but we are coming together to make something happen. So the most important part is your commitment to the whole process. That means time commitment. We will be meeting in Tacoma twice a month.

Times and Dates outline

Area: Tacoma, 2915 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144
Starting in January
Meet twice a month
Movie Time Range 11:15 pm - 1:00 am
Analysis Session 1:00am - 2:00am
Movie Theater: Grand Cinema
Movie list: Galaxy Quest, Guardians of the Galaxy, Jay & Bob Strike Back
Breakdown and Script session location: Red Star Taco Bar
Showing location: Grand Cinema Theater in Tacoma

We will watch three movies relating to the story we seek to develop
● Galaxy Quest
● Guardians of the Galaxy
● Jay and Silent Bob strike back!

Each month
● We host a screening of one of the reference movies. Afterward, we will get to a local bar to have a discussion. This is where we analyze and break down the movie.
● The next week after the screening, we will have a script reading of the film, where we do a full read-through of the screenplay.

Final we will produce the trailer for the film and premiere the trailer at SPLIFF (https://splifffilmfest.com/)

Date: 04/20/2019


We are currently looking to have the after-movie analysis and breakdown session hosted at the red star taco bar in Tacoma.

Other common reference points

● Star Wars


● Naruto

● Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

● Ever Stoner film ever made

If this sounds like fun, message us. We can’t wait to work with you.

with you.

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