White Paper Book Club - Casper the Friendly Finality Gadget!

This is a past event

33 people went

Every 2 weeks on Saturday until April 26, 2019

Starfish Mission

1535 Mission St. · San Francisco, CA

How to find us

Use the double doors to enter the "buidling". Take the flight of stairs (or elevator) to the top. Turn left and walk through the double doors and...Boom!!! Starfish Mission. Engaged.

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Come deep dive with us into a different White Paper every two weeks!

This week we'll take a look at one incarnation of Ethereum's defining endeavor: Casper FFG, a proof of stake-based finality system which overlays an existing proof of work blockchain.

Casper FFG is a partial consensus mechanism combining proof of stake algorithm research and Byzantine fault tolerant consensus theory. This paper introduces the system, proves some desirable features, and shows defenses against long range revisions and catastrophic crashes.

The Casper FFG overlay provides almost any proof of work chain with additional protections against block reversions.

Link to the paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1710.09437.pdf

We fully encourage you to read the white paper before attending. White papers can be dense and difficult to understand on your own and that's why this group exists! If reading the paper proves difficult, gain some familiarity by reading, listening or watching related material.

Thank you Terence Tsao for leading this!

Terence started working at Prysmatic Labs in March 2018. Prysmatic Labs has received grants from the Ethereum Foundation, Ethereum Community Fund, Aragon Nest, and others to enable implementation of an open source Ethereum 2.0 client in Golang. He works closely with the Ethereum Research team and other clients to achieve sharding and pos for Ethereum 2.0.

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This White Paper "Book Club" is a part of "Distributed Saturdays", a bi-weekly, peer-to-peer blockchain and protocol-agnostic learning fest for both technical and non-technical people of ALL knowledge levels. This learning fest offers several tracks, including 1 to 3 featured learning sessions or workshops, Blockchain 101 + A Blockchain Roleplaying Game or Fresh Angle, Build-a-thon, Peer-to-Peer Learning, and the White Paper Book Club. Distributed Saturdays is a Starfish event held in partnership with SF Ethereum.