White Paper Book Club - Nervos Whitepaper Reading + Blockchain project mapping


Every 2 weeks on Saturday until April 26, 2019

Starfish Mission

1535 Mission St. · San Francisco, CA

How to find us

Use the double doors to enter the "buidling". Take the flight of stairs (or elevator) to the top. Turn left and walk through the double doors and...Boom!!! Starfish Mission. Engaged.

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Come deep dive with us into a different White Paper vision every two weeks!

Let's read the Nervos whitepaper, which outlines a network of interoperable protocols that are designed for layered blockchain architecture. Nervos combines a verification layer (layer 1) serving as a trust root and smart custodian, and a generation layer (layer 2) for high-performance transacting and privacy protection.

Here is a link to the white paper: https://github.com/nervosnetwork/rfcs/blob/master/rfcs/0002-ckb/0002-ckb.md

Nervos combines elements of and lessons learned from Bitcoin and Ethereum to create a unique protocol. This will help us with getting started on a map of the different blockchain projects we have reviewed during these whitepaper sessions.

Not mandatory, but we fully encourage you to read the white paper(s) before attending, or at least be somewhat familiar with it by reading, listening or watching material on the matter.

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This White Paper "Book Club" is a part of "Distributed Saturdays", a bi-weekly, peer-to-peer blockchain and protocol-agnostic learning fest for both technical and non-technical people of ALL knowledge levels. This learning fest offers several tracks, including 1 to 3 featured learning sessions or workshops, Blockchain 101 + A Blockchain Roleplaying Game or Fresh Angle, Build-a-thon, Peer-to-Peer Learning, and the White Paper Book Club. Distributed Saturdays is a Starfish event held in partnership with SF Ethereum.

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