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Hello space explorers!
This Meetup is for Norwegian Starshot fans! And also for people who wants to know more or already have knowledge in some or multiple areas that the Starshot concept touches on. Background:
The Breakthrough organization announced the Starshot initiative 12 april 2016 in New York City. Its main sponsor is Russian billionaire Yuri Milner. The actual design was developed at Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in the US with Prof. Avi Loeb as lead researcher. Several distinguished people support the project including Steven Hawking, Ann Druyan and Mark Zuckerberg. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breakthrough_Starshot
Here is a quick animation of the actual idea:


This is a more detailed video:

Many people see this as the first design that can actually take high resolution pictures and scientific measurements of the closest exoplanets within our lifetime! The technology also have huge potential in transferring nano probes to destinations in our solar system much faster and cheaper that conventional robotic probes. If you are interested in space, innovative technology, physics, space exploration or big ideas then please join us. We are looking forward to meet you all for discussions, presentations++ in the future.

We will have regular Meetups in Oslo area. If you already know about the project and want to delve deeper into the details then you can read some of the papers here: https://breakthroughinitiatives.org/Research/3

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