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Working Together on Your Startup: Co-Founders and Co-Working

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We are proud to announce a Startupfix event: Come to the gallery and bar space at Culturefix at 9 Clinton Street (between Houston and Stanton) to meet up with tech entrepreneurs, investors and journalists. Buy your tickets at Eventbrite: ( We can't wait to see you, but you are not confirmed to attend until you have purchased your ticket at Eventbrite.

The evening will be full of demos from great new startups and New York successes, including:


Trello: A web-based project management system that allows you to organize anything in a very simple way, from life goals and to-do lists to group projects. A whiteboard with superpowers. Psych: The S#cial Sector: An online murder mystery featuring the cast of USA Network’s popular show Psych. The experience asks players to step in as Shawn and Gus’s digital assistants as the pair investigate a deadly reality television show. Mani Diaries: An application that allows you to track, manage, and flaunt your manicures and pedicures and admire other users. Uprise Art: An online gallery featuring exceptional contemporary artwork. Members have exclusive access to our curated collection and simply invest $50 a month toward owning the work.


Most startup founders don't go it entirely alone. You get an idea, you run it by your friends, you develop it with your partners, and you shape it based on user feedback. Britton Payne, the Startupfix moderator, will discuss some of the implications of joint authorship under copyright law and co-founder agreements, and how they effect who owns what when your idea becomes a success. Brit is an emerging technologies professor at Fordham Law, and general counsel at 30Ninjas LLC

Jason Saltzman and Nsi Obotekudo from AlleyNYC (, "The Most Badass Coworking Space on the Planet," will talk with Startupfix about their experiences teaming up entrepreneurs and innovators and helping them work together build minimum viable products with huge market potential.


Beats Headphone Giveaway: Startupfix partner TriNet is sponsoring a Beats Audio headphone giveaway. Be sure to bring a business card so you can be a part of the raffle. Q & A: All of our demos and panelists will include opportunities to find out more specific details about their experiences, so that they might focus on the issues confronting other startups at Startupfix Networking: Culturefix is a great space for mixing and connecting, which is why Startupfix has always been a different kind of demo night. Partners

Flavorpill: Flavorpill’s mission is to empower you to lead a more extraordinary life by connecting you with culture, people, and ideas that inspire you. TriNet: TriNet delivers HR outsourcing services that allow growing companies to do what they do best. Small to medium-sized businesses in technology, financial services, non-profits, and professional services use TriNet’s all-in-one solution for human resources, benefits, payroll, workers’ compensation, and strategic human capital services. Culturefix: Culturefix is a bar, gallery and event space that offers a different idea of a public space. It has an eclectic selection of beer, wine and tapas-sized dishes prepared in-house. The gallery and event space is the heart of Culturefix, exhibiting visual and performance art of a wide variety, with the aim that our guests find something new every time they come in. Buy your tickets at Eventbrite: (