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Hi, I'm May...开启这个小组是希望可以帮助更多想要减重,或让身体更加健康...非常适合想要开始却不知怎么开始的女性。我喜欢结交更多的朋友,也希望能够透过身体力行和一些个人的经验和知识,来帮助你开启自己的运动旅程。期待与你的见面和运动交流^^

Hi, I'm May...This is a group for anyone want to start your fitness life/diet/weight loss, etc...Beginners are welcome (It's available for female only). I started this group because I enjoy making new friends and i hope i can share my knowledge and my experience to lose weight for beginners. I hope can helping people to get a healthy life. Let's workout together.^^

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