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LEARN & EARN TRADING PROGRAM If you wish to become a successful trader then you may be aware that learning how to trade takes time. Many traders try to find the shortcut i.e. following other people signals or taking a training where the firm includes signals in the course. The missing point is that the companies often do not trade funds where they release signals. Our solution is different. One of the Asset Management companies we cooperate with agreed that you will be able to link your trading account with a profitable trader. In this case, you will be able to see at least 3 years of proven track record before following anyone. And the best thing is that you will not pay any performance fee*. In other words, your hesitation and doubts are over. You can take your time to learn and make a profit at the same time. Of course, trading always carries a high level of risk and this has to be factored in, but if you are dealing with a trader who was profitable for many years you are moving the ods (of making profit) on your side. One of our Clients has made $6k in one month only by following one of our successful traders. Would you like to know how? Meet us in person and discuss the details.

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What we're about


Are you keen to get to the financial industry and start working as a

If you are looking for career change or just a fresh start then the
seminar is for you!

Who should join? Students, graduates and those who`s dream was to start
working as a trader.

Why should you join? During the presentation we share the main steps you
need to go with in order to begin working in this field, or with time,
start managing funds.

What can you expect? You will be shown the necessary area of knowledge
you need to obtain to claim the ladder. Also, you will see the outcome
traders get and make a plan how to achieve it.

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