What we're about

Hi, do you like the idea of living with a group of like-minded individuals living cooperatively in a large house? Would you rather have more affordable rent?

Check out this Meetup I'm starting and come to one of our meetings. Our two main areas of focus are planning and logistics as well as meeting others to start a shared house.

This meetup isn't directly about starting just 1 shared house but rather a center space for shared housing communities to form. In other words, there isn't a single community that's forming but rather a platform where people can come together and find other suitable people to start their own.

> Check out our new website! (https://sites.google.com/view/houseandcommunity/overview)

These are offset so that there's two in a month.

• Monthly in-person meetup - a social mixer to meet others in person, also discuss various topics about shared housing.

• Monthly virtual group call - a way to dip your toes and introduce yourself as well as virtually get to know others in the area, also discuss various topics about shared housing.

SIDENOTE - Group is just starting so at this point I'm feeling it out to see what the interest level is like, feel free to send me a message with feedback.

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