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This is a group for anyone interested in creating a business online as their main business or as a side hustle. I started this group because the current climate has shown that multiple sources of income is the way forward. It doesn't matter whether you are experienced in business or a raw beginner, all skill levels are welcome.

This means anyone who is fed up with their day job or looking to change their circumstances somehow. Well now is the time to stop being scared or stop making excuses and take action. Put the self-doubt aside and join us.

The Internet has become the no.1 source for clients of businesses, outstripping all other traditional channels It has now become essential for any business owner to understand how to maximise the power of the billions of online customers around the world.

This meetup is specifically designed to teach you how to adopt the right strategies.

Come along to get all of your online business questions answered, network and create joint venture opportunities with other like minded people, get advanced training to help increase the speed of your success.

We will cover topics such as:

Information Products - Online Stores - Traffic - Social Media- How to find a product/service to sell - Affiliate Marketing - Joint Ventures - Search Engine Optimisation, Mindset Matters

Also included:

What are the essential steps you need to take to make money online? - What software and tools you should be using - Case studies of money making systems from Simon, Jay and their students

We'll also cover:
The Information Age and how it affects the way we do business - How to diversify your business, product or service - The key steps to making money online - How to find something to sell - How to recognise hot markets - How to stay ahead of your competition - How to make money through affiliate marketing - The best places to sell from and the systems you need in place to ensure success - The best market research tools- The foundations and fundamentals for a successful internet business.

Ensure you register for this meetup group, RSVP for our next evening meetup, connect with like minded people and learn how to create a great presence online

I'll see you at the next meetup

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Free Ticket- Why every business must have a chatbot!

Online event

Chat bots are becoming the preferred way for businesses to engage with other businesses (B2B) or customers (B2C).
With an increase in users using apps, and expecting businesses to 24/7. Chat bots are a must have for any business.

Join us for 60 mins of packed information on Chat Bots in[masked]

Who should attend this event?

This webinar is for anyone interested

• who Own their own business
• Thinking about starting a business
• Anyone wanting to expand their digital knowledge
• Anyone interested in knowing about Chat BOTs
• …

Why Chat Bots?
Put a chatbot on your website so potential customers can get in touch easily. So find out...

• More about Chat bots,
• How they can help your business,
• What a BOT looks like,
• How chat bots work,

We will be showing some DEMOS of existing BOTS from different businesses so you can get a feel for what can be done.

If you want to generate more leads without hiring another employee, come along to this webinar and see how a Chat BOT works

See you there

Be all you can be join our FREE WORKSHOP & Program Your Mind For Success In 2022

Join us for an absolute packed 90 minutes online meetup learning the exact type of mindset successful digital entrepreneurs and successful people have in order to capitalise no matter what the current global financial situation and make millions in the process.

Over the years we have trained thousands of people helping them understand how to create great success online as a small business owner or start up entrepreneur however unfortunately not everybody goes on to become successful.

Now why is this? is it because the training isn't very good? or is it because some of us want success although really do not quite understand what it takes to really produce results and change your life for the better. We have had people go on to generate 6 and even 7 figure businesses so its not the training its who we are that we need to take a closer look into

So, how do you create a mindset for business success? This FREE 'How To Program Your Mind For Success' meetup, delivered by one of the UK's leading digital marketers Jay Hastings. We will teach you how to adopt the right mindset from his experience living in a squat to now closing millions in sales and commission

We will be discussing the following topics:
- How successful entrepreneurs think
- How to ensure you are taking the right action to ensure results
- What does it really take to generate over £1 million in sales
- What should you focus on when getting started
- The mindset required to become fully financially free for years to come
- How to ensure you make much more money in 2021

Also included:
- What is the essential mindset required to generate your first £1 in business
- What it really takes to succeed
- Case studies students who have applied the mindset and have generated great results in the process

Who Is This Course For?

Anyone wanting to learn how to become financially successful
Anyone who has tried money making courses in the past but are still yet to generate results
Start-up entrepreneurs wanting to understand more about where to get started

Come along, learn the type of mindset successful entrepreneurs have, as well as learn how to get started on your road to financial freedom.

See you there

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Free Ticket- Why every business must have a chatbot!

Online event

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