Past Meetup

Pitch Practice, Public Speaking, and Persuasion from a Pro.


This is going to be a great night of growth for StartLouis Attendees.

First up we'll have our normal pitch practice.

We want to hear about your idea! There's nothing more powerful, and motivating than putting yourself on the spot, and making that pet project a public commitment. One of the greatest things about StartLouis is interacting with your peers, and having people to hold you accountable to your goals, and to work on your idea. And you better believe we'll keep you accountable!

Tonight will be a little different, we'll have a slight critique ready for you after your pitch, and we'll be very strict on the 30 second time limits.

After that, and being armed with your critique, we're going to have a quick primer on public speaking by Nine
Network's Ed Reggi.

We'll go over some techniques to keep you on track and organized, and how to effectively communicate your thoughts. Having the practice, and techniques at hand does wonders for reducing the stress of public speaking!

Next up we'll have a presentation on how to
persuade groups by seasoned trial lawyer Tim O'Sullivan.

He'll tell some wars stories about his time
in the courtroom, and pass on some valuable lessons learned about persuading groups.

Now that we're all up to speed on public
speaking 101, we'll take another shot at practicing our pitches.

We'll do a second round of critiques, and then break off into networking to give you some additional practice.

As always, free beer, soda, and waters will be available.

If you don't mind coming a little early, we'll be hanging around before the event to setup chairs, so be sure to join us.

StartLouis Meeting / Event:

6:30pm -Networking.

7:00pm -Program:

-Welcome / Sponsor Recognition / Announcements.

-Pitch Practice.

-Presentation Primer: Nine Network's, Ed Reggi.

-Persuading Groups: Lessons from the
courtroom, Tim O'Sullivan.

-Pitch Practice. (Again?!)

8:30pm -Program Ends, Thanks for attending.


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