What we're about

This is a Meetup for people that intend to start a Career at a Company or start their Own Company which would require knowledge about the Latest Software Technology Technologies.

In this Meetup we will answer the following questions:
(All based on the latest and most cutting edge software tools)
1. What field of software has less competition, more money, more fun/interesting things, and general benefits.
2. What are the tools (A Developer or an Entrepreneur) should be aware of.
3. How can I achieve the skill required for my dream job or making my business/idea.
4. First hour will be focused on the presentation, from there we will be answering questions and networking. After the Seminar you can stay connected with us!
5. All topics are about finding interesting, easy, and open opportunities in the booming software industry.

• Free Pizza

• Meeting at Cortechma Academy

• Entrance Fee: $5 (PayPal or Cash)


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