What we're about

I want to make a real difference to all of us starting businesses because I understand the roller coaster ride. Starting and growing a small business is tough so I want to create a place where startups / growing businesses can learn from each other in order to be more successful. And this includes me, because I have an SME and discovered that listening to successful entrepreneurs is the best way to learn. They have invaluable knowledge of what works and we'll be bringing in speakers who know what it takes and have lessons in sales, marketing, product development, operations, scaling, fundraising and more that we can all benefit from. Or at the very least, I can benefit from!

And I'm not inviting speakers who are just there to sell stuff because this is a place for all of us to learn, including me! As many small business owners do, I bought stuff that set me back because there was no way to learn what really works so I want this forum to be a place where we can learn what tools out there really perform. In other words, the focus is on creating that 'safe' environment where speakers can be frank and business startups / owners can find out what really works.

So if you're starting out, in your first few years and looking to take your business to the next level, come on down, we'd love to meet and share. Because I want to create a place where all of us startups and early stage businesses can come together to become more successful.

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