What we're about

Want to start up!!!!

• You are a wannabepreneur

• You are an entrepreneur looking to further escalate

• You have an idea which you think is great and want to get the balls rolling

• You want funding, but do not have a clue about it like where and whom to get funding from

• You are in search of an idea

• You want to know how to think of ideas, where the hell to get the ideas from

• Stuck up somewhere and have no clue how to solve it

• Looking for like minded people and networking opportunities

• You are planning to switch career, job, business

• You are doing nothing and want to do something but have no clues of what to do

• You have a lot of wealth and don't know what to do with it, I.e. want to invest wisely but do now know where, when and how

• You desperately need to wake up and get motivated to startup

• You want to be more confident to startup

• You are distressed, disappointed, negated by the society, friends and/or family for your startup and need confidence boost

If you are answer is YES to any of the above, you are at just the right place.
By this meet up it is our endeavor to put all our best resources, knowledge, experience, network, whatever we can along with our gang to help your SITA out of the Rawan ki 'LANKA', cause we all sometime, somewhere, somehow have jammed into all of the above situations and understand how hard n difficult it is.
We are here to guide, mentor, help and steer you out of all the above situations.

How we do it:

We will organise case studies, discussions, experience sharing sessions, workshops, events, funding rounds, opportunity pockets, mantras, trips n hacks, demonstrated by experts from my network, people from the relevant industry, speakers, experts, and corporate trainers.

So buddies let us be Evangelists and lets help each other and create a strong community in mutual interest and for mutual development.

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