"Investing in cryptocurrency" by Justin Bons


Justin Bons is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Cyber Capital, one of the oldest cryptocurrency funds in the world. He has been working in and researching cryptocurrency full time for the past six years, specializing in politics and decentralized governance. Leading him to develop his own theories in regards to blockchain governance.

Involved in the block-size debates, he supported XT and Classic and became an early member of Bitcoin Unlimited. Over time, he's developed a critical mindset towards BTC, while relentlessly searching for better alternatives to fulfill Satoshi's vision.

Fund A is Cyber Capital's long term investment fund, based on fundamental analysis. Therefore, Fund A does not invest into BTC, while supporting and investing into more than twenty different cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum. Justin's record as an investor, researcher and bitcoiner make him a true asset this ongoing social and economical movement.

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