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StartupGrind GZ #2 - Clement Song

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Grinders!1月25日(星期五)下午6:30,贝塔咖啡 (,来加入我们的第二次聚会吧!我们将会和eCitySky.com的创始人Clement Song先生坐在一起聊天。

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Grinders! Join us for our second meetup on Friday, Jan 25 at 6:30. We'll sit down for a chat with Clement Song, the founder of eCitySky. He's now the Director of Platform Services for YY Inc., a gaming platform company with over 400 million users. We'll hear about his experience starting his company and taking it through an acquisition, and then what it is like to take part in an IPO.

About the guest: Mr. Clement Song

Clement founded ECitySky and served as CEO for 4 years, until the company was acquired by YY Inc. in early 2012. At YY, Clement works closely with the CTO as Director of Platform Services. In November 2012, YY Inc. went public on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

ECitySky developed the avatar based 3D social gaming platform, as well as various mobile and social games. Before starting ECitySky, Clement held positions at Microsoft in the XBox division, working on XBox 360 and XBox Live.


6:30-7:30: Reception and Dinner

7:30-8:30: Fireside Chat with Clement Song (Chinese)

8:30-9:30: Q&A, Networking

Fee: 100RMB at the door, includes dinner and drinks

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Venue: Beta Cafe (, 5 min walk from Ke Cun Station

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Grinders!1月25日(星期五)下午6:30,来加入我们的第二次聚会吧!我们将会和eCitySky.com的创始人Clement Song先生坐在一起聊天。他现在是YY Inc平台服务的总监,这是一家拥有超过400万用户的游戏平台公司。他将分享他从开始创立公司,到他的公司通过收购,到最终他的公司首次向社会公众公开招股的经历。

本期活动访谈嘉宾:Clement Song 先生

Clement创立了ECitySky并担任了4年首席执行官,直到2012年初该公司被YY Inc.收购。在YY Inc.工作期间,Clement作为其平台服务总监,与CTO紧密合作。在2012年11月,YY Inc.在纳斯达克证券交易所上市。

ECitySky开发了3D社交游戏平台,以及各种在移动和社交平台上运行的游戏。在创立ECitySKy之前,Clement任职于微软的Xbox部门,负责Xbox360和Xbox Live的工作。


6:30-7:30: 签到和点心晚餐

7:30-8:30: Clement Song "火炉边” 访谈 (中文)

8:30-9:30: 问答,社交环节


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